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Where do you advertise in Summit County, Colorado to fill tables, get shoppers in your store, fill your tours, get spa visitors, and grow your business?  There are old fashioned choices like the phone directories, print ads, and tourist media.  They had their place, but as a smart business owner, you know that visitors now search for businesses online, primarily from their smartphones while on the move.  After all, you see your customers with their heads looking at their phones all day and taking selfies!  You realized you need to show up as the answer to their need digitally, and be ubiquitous across mobile cyberspace to reach today's connected visitor.  Most of our mountain visitors come from the city and are sophisticated, they expect businesses to show up on their smartphones, read reviews before walking into your business, and know a LOT about you before choosing to spend money with you.


You're smart and ambitious.  You're also busy.  So how can you be sure your business shows up online and on mobile devices while you are crazy busy focusing on the day-to-day tasks of running your business - still finding time to ski, bike and hike?  Let the experts help you out!  iResort Media quickly fires up your digitial exposure and "eyeballs" from visitors to Summit County who are searching for your services digitally.


Here's how we promote your business . . . 


Weekly emails reach those interested in what's happening here in Summit County - event updates, blog articles, contests - with your ad, offer and website link included.  Our open rates and clicks are huge, and we get great feedback at events that people love receiving our emails and our clients see the results!


Interesting and useful weekly blog posts answer visitors' questions about altitude, marijuana, hiking, rafting, family activities, "best of" festivals and much more - with your business highlighted and linked within the context of the article.  These blogs rank highly within hours and live on the web for years, continuing to drive you traffic, visitors, bookings and exposure well past the publish date.  Blog posts are US talking about you rather than YOU talking about you - highly contextual, relevant and powerful.  I like to say these have "legs" and have worked really well for our clients.


Social Media is the new powerhouse for reaching people interested in your products and services where they hang out with their friends, share their experiences, and connect.  We promote your "newsy" posts - either creating our own content on your business with photos and videos or re-posting your posts through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.  As experienced social media marketers, we know how to market your business to the right target audiences.  Look-alike audiences, promoted pins and posts, hash tags and links highlight your business contextually to the people most interested and appropriate for your business.  We invest in your business on social media, so be sure your great news gets in your potential customers' newsfeeds at the right time.  We have some great case studies for selling out events, promoting great deals, and highlighting new businesses.  


Optimized web traffic mobily on comes from our parnter site links, blog traffic, organic search traffic, social media links, SEO, all the marketing we do within Summit County like app download cards, events, touchscreen kiosks, and paid online advertising and keyword buys. The website is being re-designed to put businesses even more up front and center and provide a clear path to what the user is there to accomplish - plan a trip, find out about events or find a great business (place to eat, tour to take, specific shopping experience, etc.).  


And last, but certainly not least, our mobile app - iResort App rocks!  All the same back end information loads to the website and to the iTunes and Google Play for Android apps. Users who download iResort App are highly engaged and connected to Summit County, and go back to the app again and again to get their questions answered, check out eents, link to webcams, check snow reports, and research and contact businesses.  Users tell us they love to use the business look-up section as a directory, get addresses and use the "click to call" function to reach businesses quickly rather than going through an online search process.


All this powerful, time-saving and effective work is done on your behalf for only $699 a year - it's the best marketing value in Summit County!  You receive full back end access so you can make changes to your listings, test and adjust deals, update photos, and monitor reviews.


We would love to have you customize and optimize your business listing on iResort App!  Putting your business in the mobile hands of visitors and locals alike, iResort App will drive more customers to you and showcase your special products and services.  Cost-effective, infinitely changeable, and sophisticated mobile marketing that is as EASY as choosing an offer and a few gallery photos.  Be as involved with the process as you would like – one time and forget it, or leverage your ability to test and change marketing messages as often as you’d like.  With our marketing power and reach, and your unique business – it’s a match made in mobile.



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