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Breckenridge Stables | 970.453.4438

Through the Breckenridge stables you may take a casual carriage ride through the downtown area in summer and winter.  They offer 20 and 30 minute rides with your tour guide offering interesting facts about the history of Breckenridge.  You can purchase tickets inside of the Breckenridge Welcome Center.  The carriage rides for summer begins late May early June and goes through until the end of September.  Keep in mind dates and times are subject to change so check in with the Breckenridge Stables at 970.453.4438 or with Breckenridge Welcome Center at 877.864.0868.

In the winter beginning December 15th Breckenridge Stables hosts the only sleigh rides in Breckenridge, offering great views of the Ten Mile Range and the Continental Divide.  Before and after you ride you can relax and enjoy yourself in the new heated facilities, which include indoor restrooms and a bar.  They also offer dinner sleigh rides serving up a lovely meal for you back at the stables to warm you up after a crisp evening in Breckenridge.


Keystone Stables | 970.496.3550

Keystone Stables offer great options in the summer and winter for family fun at Keystone Ranch.  Summer wagon rides are a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Colorado, beginning mid to late June and going all the way until the end of September.  Winter sleigh rides begin mid to late November and follow the same path as the summer wagon rides.  Keystone Stables takes the scenic ride up the mountain to a rustic home officially registered with the National Registry of Historic Places for buffet in the summer and a nice full dinner in the winter.


FOR INFO 720-273-0245

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