iResort App - 4 Unique Ways to Work out in the Summer near Breckenridge, Colorado

4 Unique Ways to Work out in the Summer near Breckenridge, Colorado

With warmer weather and clear bluebird days, Summer near and around Breckenridge is the prime time to be outside and enjoy nature, and the fresh mountain air. It’s also the perfect time to work-out, get in shape, or stay in shape in more unique ways than simply going to the gym like the rest of the year. We have talked about how to get in shape for the winter Colorado ski season in the past, but here are fun workout ideas to fully take advantage of during the amazing summertime in Summit County, Colorado.


Trail Running

Of course, Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon and the rest of Summit County has a whole host of woodsy and mountain trails. What better way to get a great run or jog in than on a trail to catch the sun’s rays, listen to the mountain birds sing and distract yourself from the work-out with stunning views and the smell of nature? Of course, hiking is also a great work out, but with trail jogging you can be part of nature while getting a jog in instead of the traditional run on a treadmill or paved street. Trail Run Recommendation: Peaks Trail in Frisco – start at the end of 2nd Street in Frisco and explore the multiple hiking trails that consist of Peaks Trail, including Rainbow Lake. Feeling great? Consider trail jogging Peaks Trail from Frisco to Breck for the ultimate, more extreme trail run.


Trail jogging on Peaks Trail in Frisco, Colorado


Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga

If you have ever done Stand-Up Paddle Boarding before, you know how balance, weight transfer of feet, and using your arms, legs and abs is super key to staying on the board. Take it to the next level with Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – the new workout that allows you to paddle board on a lake while also doing yoga poses. SUP Yoga Recommendation: Check out Meta Yoga Studio’s SUP Yoga classes on both Maggie Pond in Breckenridge, and Dillon Marina on the Dillon Reservoir. Meta Yoga offers morning classes at both locations so you can enjoy the just-after-sunrise experience. Plus, Meta Yoga’s certified teachers briefly review the basics of SUP’ing so you can enjoy your yoga on this new type of mat.


SUP Yoga with Meta Yoga Studios


Whitewater Rafting

With runoff from our abundant winter snowfall melting and running fast, whitewater rafting near Breckenridge can be both a thrill and a nice workout. There are numerous river trips near Summit County and one of the best is Browns Canyon near Buena Vista, and if you are into even greater adventure, The Numbers are a great choice of river trip for even more splash and excitement. Amazing scenery, some wildlife and loads of laughs make for a great day. Rafting Recommendation: American Adventure out of the outpost near beautiful Buena Vista.


Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado with American Adventure



Road biking on one of Summit County’s recreation path in Frisco, Breck, Dillon and Silverthorne offers a great workout that allows you to travel a lot of miles in a short time. Also, Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper Mountain offer downhill mountain biking with a pass, allowing you and you bike to take the lift up to mid mountain and cruise down on of the many trails. And of course, in addition to the hiking trails located around Summit County, most of them are mountain-bike friendly with terrain for all levels of mountain bikers. Recommendation for road biking: Rent a road bike in Frisco and take the rec path from Frisco to the summit of Vail Pass. This 14 mile one-way ride offers inclines along the ten mile river and stunning views. Recommendation for mountain biking: Rent a mountain bike and helmet from Rebel Sports in Frisco on Main Street, and head to Copper Mountain to experience the terrific downhill mountain biking and scenery Copper Mountain has to offer.


Recreation and bike path from Frisco to Vail Pass


Want to ensure that you summer is filled with other wellness strategies in addition to working out? Check out our blog post on 5 perfect Breckenridge area wellness strategies for info on things like how to deal with altitude, and eating healthy.


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