iResort App - A Guide to a Dog-Friendly Breckenridge Adventure

A Guide to a Dog-Friendly Breckenridge Adventure

What they say is true – dogs sure are a man (or woman)’s best friend! Colorado is a dog friendly state and we feel lucky to live in such a great County that allows our lovable animals to be true mountain pups. That’s why we love to take them on every adventure throughout Breckenridge, Frisco and the rest of Summit County. To celebrate our furry K9’s, we wanted to share with you some fun, dog-friendly activities you can do during your visit to the beautiful Summit County.



Grub with your Hound

Most of the restaurant patios near Breckenridge are dog friendly. We recommend the Tiki Bar on Lake Dillon to let your pup play in the water while you can grub and drink. Other great spots include Araphoe Café in Dillon and the Moosejaw in Dillon - both offer a beautiful patio that allows your four-legged friend to soak up the sun. And of course the outdoor eating area at Whole Foods in Frisco is another great option to have lunch or dinner on a warm summer or Fall day with your dog – check out the selection of dog treats and toys at Whole Foods to give your pup a treat he or she deserves.


Dog-friendly trails

Whether you trail run, mountain bike, or hike, a lot of trails throughout Summit County are dog-friendly. In Breckenridge, hike McCullough Gulch ( trail, which offers plenty of water sources to ensure your pup stays hydrated, and is a great trail for your pup to meet and play with fellow dogs. 



Places for pups to stay

One of our favorite pet-friendly places to stay in Breckenridge is The Lodge. Not only is The Lodge a stunning boutique hotel that overlooks Breck Ski Resort and is known for having the “million dollar view”, they also welcome dogs.  Another option is to go rugged, and stay at the many campgrounds (link to past camping blog) located throughout the county to allow your hound to fully enjoy the outdoors.


Take your pup to the Slopes

Grab your pup and hop on the Gondola located in the heart of Breck to get to the base of Peak 8. During Summer, Fall and Winter the base of Peak 8 allows your pup to hit the slopes and chill on the patios located on the base or run around in the snow during the ski season. 


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