iResort App - Best restaurants to grab a bar seat near Breckenridge and Summit County

Best restaurants to grab a bar seat near Breckenridge and Summit County

Sometimes I crave a great meal, but don’t feel like coordinating on the time and place to meet up with a friend. Maybe it’s my opportunity to read the paper, check email or Facebook. Or just be with my thoughts to recharge. I have met many a visitor traveling to Summit County alone and have had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people at local restaurant bars, hearing their stories while chatting up the bartender.

Having traveled solo for business over the years and welcoming a cool experience, I have to say a great restaurant bar is a Godsend. It occurred to me as I enjoyed the remodeled Giampietro in Breckenridge this week how much I appreciate that experience, and have made some pretty great memories at some of the best bar spots in the mountains.

The Traverse Bar in Breckenridge

Here are my choices for best places to fly solo and get a great experience in the process here in Summit County. At least for a while, resist the urge to pull out the newspaper or smart phone and see what kind of conversations emerge.

Sunshine Café, Silverthorne
Mike and Tenley did a masterful job with their remodel and take-over of the old Dairy Queen space, expanding their bar to 12 seats. Locals and those passing through frequent the bar – I always get a kick out of the characters I meet there over $5 mimosas and a delicious breakfast. You look over the staff prep area and kitchen so if you get bored it’s a bit of a show, and there’s always talk of the weather and latest snow conditions.

The Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon
The U-shaped bar is brilliant and there is nothing like Steve, Travis and the gang to take good care of you. Happy Hour on the “locals” side is always a good time, especially with a personalized mug and a pour of one of their highly rated craft beers. Food selections are varied and delish. True confession: I’ve met at least 2 boyfriends at that bar.

Giampietro, Breckenridge
Bravo on their long-anticipated remodel decision to add a beautiful 12 seat bar. Highlights are the granite counter, trendy light fixtures, friendly staff and wine on tap. So urban. Oh, and the food – reminiscent of Chicago or New York Italian. Delightful. Met the most interesting solo traveler the other night and learned a ton about timeshare repossessions.

Bakers Brewery, Silverthorne
The wavy bar shape is unusual and provides a great view of the beer tanks and beer list. The staff are happy to give you a taste of Cory’s new concoctions before you commit, and the menu has lots of gluten-full choices. I always find someone interesting there that’s worth a conversation – local salt of the earth and intrepid travelers.

Traverse Restaurant, Breckenridge
The real treat at this 15seat bar is the million dollar view – have you been up there yet? This gem tucked in the Lodge at Breckenridge on the base of Baldy serves up a great happy hour, nice people and THAT view. Their cedar plank sea scallops are out of this world. Thanks JJ for a cool experience.

Relish, Breckenridge
Matt and Clint do a great job at their 2nd floor gem and their tiny bar is almost more fun than getting a real table. And frankly they are one of the few places in Summit that makes a decent cocktail. Their happy hour two for $10 or $12 is a smoking deal with super delicious small plates.  Be patient, the whole restaurant is served from this tiny bar but when you get attention, it’s worth the wait.

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