iResort App - Best Wildflower Hikes near Breckenridge, Colorado

Best Wildflower Hikes near Breckenridge, Colorado

Vibrant blues, yellows, whites and pinks are just some of the colors that are starting to pop up in between the deep greens and browns that paint the mountains of Summit County, Colorado in the summertime. These delicate flowers have finally started to bloom, opening up their pods to embrace the warm sunny days, and take in the cool winter nights. Now is the time to start your wildflower viewing adventures near Breckenridge, but hurry before it’s too late. Here are the best hiking spots in the area to ensure that you see an array of wildflowers.


Old Dillon Dam Reservoir

If you follow our blogs, you have probably heard us talk about Old Dillon Dam Reservoir hike before. This is due to the 365 degree view of the mountains towering Summit County, AND the stunning wildflowers that pop up this time of year. Larkspur and broom snakeweed can be spotted here.

Trailhead: Drive to the north side of the Dillon Dam road between Frisco and Dillon – the trailhead starts on the north side of the road off a marked parking lot.




Wildflowers along the Old Dillon Dam Resevoir Trail off of Dillon Dam Road


Rainbow Lake – Frisco

The hike almost immediately greets you with wildflowers on both sides of the trail, nestled in between the lush greenery and small creeks the Rainbow Lake trail offers up. Keep eyes open for the pink prickly rose, and white yarrow.

Trailhead: Head south on 2nd Street off of Main Street in Frisco, and end at the Rainbow Lake/Peaks Trail/Mount Royal trailhead.


Wildflowers starting to show near a creek on Rainbow Lake Trail in Frisco


Shrine Ridge – Vail Pass

This hike starts with creek-side vegetation making way for stunning open fields of wildflowers. On a clear day, the top of shrine pass is a picturesque hike with views of Holy Cross Wilderness and the Copper Mountain-side (West side) of the 10 mile range. Orange paintbrush, lupine, and rose crown are just some of the wildflowers seen on this hike.

Trailhead: Drive west on I-70 past Frisco and Copper Mountain to Vail Pass. Take a left from the exit and veer right to take the dirt road that is Shrine Pass. Follow along the road until you see a small parking lot on the left. Park and hike to the Shrine Ridge trailhead on the short road leaving the parking lot.


Shrine Ridge Hike offers stunning views and yellow wildflowers in the Summer


Cataract Lake – Green Mountain Reservoir

Located north of Silverthorne near Green Mountain Reservoir lies a delightful little lake sitting beneath the Gore Range Mountains. Walk around the lake to view multiple beautiful wildflowers including cow parsnip, black-eyed susan, columbine, and chokecherry. And, if you are lucky, you might be able to spot monument plants in bloom – if not, you will see tons of monument plant stems.

Trailhead: Frome Silverthorne, drive North on CO-9 for about 25 miles and take a left onto Heeney Rd, then another left on Forest Rd 1725. Take this road to the final parking lot of the Lower Cataract lake trailhead.  


Lily Pad Lake – Frisco

The name of this hike alone provides an idea of a particular wildflower that you are sure to see when you get to the end of the hike. Throughout this hike you will most likely see red columbines and fireweed, with the end of the hike offering a lake on the right side of the trail covered in lily pads, most of which are in full yellow bloom atop a green floating leaf backdrop.

Trailhead: Off of I-70 headed West, take exit 203 for CO-9 S toward Frisco/Breck – at the roundabout take the exit to the right that is a dirt road right before the I-70 exit ramp. Follow this road to the parking lot and trailhead for Meadow Creek/Lily Pad Lake Trailhead

Lily Pads starting to bloom on the Lily Pad Lake Trail



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