iResort App - Thru-Hiking, Trail Angels, and the US Hiking Triple Crown

Thru-Hiking, Trail Angels, and the US Hiking Triple Crown

I am always fascinated by what hikers will put up with to get out in nature, and felt so fortunate to run into two thru-hikers (an end-to-end long distance hiking trip) this week in Dillon. The Dam Brewery was the fortuitous choice of Shannon “goosebumps” and Katie “Sleepin’ Beaut” for a frosty pint.


Dusty but glowing, Goosebumps and Sleepin Beaut apologized for their trail baked scent as their packs rested at their feet. They charmed everyone at the bar, which morphed into these toned gals pitching in on the field at the Summit softball game during their stopover here in Summit.

Turns out they are on a nearly 6 month adventure hiking the Continental Divide Trail which is the longest of the 3 major thru-hikes in the US. From East to West:

Appalachian Trail #AT 

2 million people a year hike at least part of the 2,200 mile AT between Georgia and Maine – through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, then north through Maine to the Canadian border.

Continental Divide Trail #CDT

The least complete and longest of the trails, the CDT covers 3,100 miles from the Mexican border at New Mexico, through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and finishing up at Montana’s border with Canada. Only about 200 people a year attempt to hike the whole trail and there is an event at the Southern start as a group complete with gear companies and a celebration.


Pacific Crest Trail #PCT

The PCT covers 2,659 miles of trail popularized by Reese Witherspoon’s real-life hero Cheryl Strayed in the movie Wild. Completed in 1993, the trail stretches from the border of Mexico with California through Oregon and Washington to the border of Canada. This trail passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks.

Fascinated with their adventures, I learned that around September 10th Goosebumps plans to complete the Triple Crown of US Hiking – finishing all three of these amazing trails at only 25 years old. Starting on April 24th and hiking between 25-30 miles a day, they both expect to finish in a bit over 5 months. Sleepin Beaut had a harrowing experience on the trail with another hiker where they were along the wrong river and had to swim through a tunnel, were nearly stuck with their packs, unable to get through while swimming upstream in freezing water.

Each of their favorite and most indispensable pieces of equipment are their sleeping bags, pack stove, puffy jacket, and hand crocheted hat. Only critical items make it into the pack – no extra weight is worth it mile after mile.  Their packs are dense and highly organized, filled with clothes in Ziplock baggies and gas station snacks bought along the route.

I invited the gals to rest up in my Airbnb room for the night – a hot shower, soft bed, and morning protein smoothie. Dropping them in the morning near the trail on my way to the office, I felt the most amazing admiration for our beautiful country, for hikers’ ability to embrace such adventures, and for  how inspiring these young women are. Follow Shannon’s adventures through her blog post at and if you feel moved, help by supporting her fundraising project for Alzheimer’s research.  Called Trail Angels when we help thru-hikers, it was a great feeling to help them out with a little support along the way. 



The trail is a great teacher - lessons of solitude, tenacity, and resourcefulness are lifelong lessons and so empowering to those energized by their thru-hiking adventures.



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