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Recycling in Summit County, Colorado

Caring for our Environment is ALL our responsibility, whether we live here or are visiting on vacation.  And everyone making an effort makes a big difference to our quality of life.  Thank you for doing your part! 

Summit County recycling drop-off centers (Breckenridge and Frisco) are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Household Hazardous Waste - paints, prescription drugs, household chemicals, oil, anti-freeze Hard to Recycle - electronics, computers, televisions, cell phones, electronic accessories.

Frisco Recycling Center - Next to the Colorado State Patrol at the County Commons, off Highway 9 just south of Frisco; open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Breckenridge Recycling Center- County Rd 450, at the corner of 7-Eleven on the north side of town, ¼ mile on the left; open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Dillon Recycling Trailer – Dillon Town Hall parking lot, U.S. Highway 6, turn on to Lake Dillon Drive, ¼ mile on left (cattycorner to the Dillon Post Office). Open seven days a week 7am – dark, for more information call Dillon Town Hall 970.468.2403.

Summit Cove Mobile Recycling Trailer- A mobile recycling trailer is stationed in the north parking lot at Summit Cove Elementary School. You can drop off mixed glass, paper, and containers for FREE the first week (Monday through Sunday) of every month at the Summit Cove recycling trailer.

All recyclables recycled at the drop-off centers end up at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located at the Summit County Resource Allocation Park in Keystone, where they are sorted, bailed, and shipped all over the United States to be made into new products. Download your recycling guide for the Dillon, Breckenridge, and Frisco drop-off centers HERE

Spanish version? Haga clic aquí para información en español

Download the Summit County Landfill prices and hours 

 For more information, contact the High Country Conservation Center at 970-668-5703 or download their brochure

product stewardship (Medium) recycling bin Summit County Colorado

Recycling Etiquette

No Illegal Dumping!!! – Illegal dumping and contamination of the recycling roll offs increases the overall cost to recycle and it jeopardizes many aspects of our community recycling program. From mattresses to paint to TVs to carpets, illegally dumped items at the drop-off centers have increased costs to manage the FREE, public drop-off centers over the past few years. Offenders intentionally leaving materials that are not accepted could be cited and fined.

Read  signs carefully – Misplaced materials contaminate recycling and will often result in recyclables being thrown away instead. It really does matter what you throw in the bin! Be a good sort!  Do NOT risk recycling contamination – read the signs.

Turn off your engine– the recycling center is a No Idling Zone. Idling is bad for our lungs and the environment. It also wastes gas! Turn your car off and enjoy the financial and environmental savings.

Styrofoam is NOT accepted – do NOT throw peanuts, ice chests, containers, cups… made of Styrofoam into ANY of the bins. Not only does it contaminate recycling streams, it blows around the recycling center and litters our walkways and surrounding forests. No matter what number it has, it is not accepted at any of the drop-off centers.

EMPTY liquids and RINSE food containers – Food contamination can inhibit the recycling process, increase health risks to workers, and even devalue recycling loads. Want to recycle? Simply pour out food containers and quickly rinse. 



FOR INFO 720-273-0245

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