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Skateparks of Summit County, Colorado


Silverthorne Skatepark @ Silverthorne Recreation Center

430 Rainbow Drive, Silverthorne, CO 80498

This small, well designed concrete park next to the Rec Center is a haven for skateboarders and scooter riders with smaller features and an awesome bowl where you can ride the walls easily.  Bikes are not allowed so if you ride BMX this isn’t the place to be.  This park is not lit at night so get out there while you have plenty of sunshine.  Pads are not required here, but please be smart and at least wear a helmet. Visit the Town of Silverthorne’s wesite for more information on recreation options, skate classes and more.

Breckenridge Skatepark @ Kingdom Park

880 Airport Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424

The sheer size and aweseome design of this park - a massive 8,000 sq ft of concrete heave- also boasts the Ten mile mountain range as the backdrop.  This park allows bikes but be courteous and remove pegs first - we don’t want to mess up their pretty concrete.  Pads aren’t required but always be smart and cover that dome of yours with a helmet because your brain matters.  The bowl is lit up at night and with no roof it is open to the elements as weather permits. If you want an early start to your season bring your shovels and dig it out, and let the high elevation sun do the rest.

Breckenridge skate park Colorado


Frisco Skatepark @ Frisco Adventure Park

621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CO 80443

Frisco Skatepark offers wooden ramps and features for that old school park feel.  This park isn’t lit at night so ride while the sun is up and blaring over head.  This park, like many others, is open as long as the non-snowy weather permits.  Bikes are allowed here so enjoy stalls and grinds all day long here with your pegs.  Pads are not required but be safe and always wear a helmet.


Woodward @ Copper Mountain

0505 10 Mile Circle, Copper Mountain, CO 80443

This is the place to train for extreme sports out of the elements all year long. Woodward offers an indoor training area that boasts foam pits and trampolines for fine-tuning your tricks before taking them out into the real world.  No matter your skill, you can take it to the next level here. The Woodward team helps you train for everything: BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, even scooters.  Hours change from season to season so call ahead to 970.968.3400 for hours and rates, or check out their website.



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