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Skiing and Snowboarding - Alpine and Nordic

Skiing has a long history and oh so much variety!  There is nearly something for everyone - from nearly flat bunny slopes to extreme cliff jumping, the 27+ Colorado ski and snowboard resorts offer a huge selection of experiences for anyone looking for fun in the snow and mountains.  

Alpine, or downhill skiing and snowboarding has expanded to include snow bikes, adaptive skiing for blind and disabled skiers, and night skiing under lights.  Typically lift-served by ski resorts who invest in the infrastructure to make our experience on the mountain pleasant and fun, the runs are marked by difficulty.  Green circles mark easy, flat and wide runs.  Blue squares indicate a more moderate pitch and is a great way for skiiers and snowboarders to challenge their skills a little more.  Black diamonds mark expert terrain - steeper, often narrower, and with variable terrain and snow conditions.  Double black diamonds mark runs that are meant for very confident experts and are almost never groomed or marked for hazards.  Extreme terrain "EX" is true - well, extreme - skiing and boarding, so you have to know what you're doing to go there!

So how to get UP the mountain?  "Magic carpet" type lifts are great for brand new skiers and snowboarders, and kids just getting their "snow" legs under them.  Surface lifts like t-bars and puma lifts are typically used in windier areas where chair lifts are impractical.  Chair lifts are the most common type of ride up the mountain, from old one seaters to the sophisticated "6-pack" chairlifts that get a lot of people to the top of the mountain in a hurry.  And some extreme terrain is only accessible by hoisting your skis or board on your back and hiking up to the summit of the mountain.  

Breckenridge Colorado ski resort arial view

Nordic skiing, or cross-country, brings you across largely flat terrain, often golf courses in the winter, and through the woods.  Much more serene and calm than downhill skiing, the peace and quiet of the snowy outdoors provides a great way to get exercise and enjoy nature at the same time.

Summit County boasts some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the planet.  Here is a rundown of our resorts:

Arapahoe Basin



Copper Mountain

Loveland Ski Area

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