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Winter Sledding and Tubing in Summit County, Colorado

There is more than one way to speed down a snowy hill!  In Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Keystone, and Copper Mountain there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the wind in your hair, the gravity inducing giggles, and the thrill of speed in our amazing Colorado mountains!

Whether you decide to opt for a paid tubing experience including rides UP the hill, or the more traditional sled, saucer or toboggan where you hoof it up to get you and the kids some real exercise, here are 7 awesome places to enjoy sliding down a snowy hill here in Summit County.

Snow Tubing @ High Country Tours

Dillon’s High Country Tours offers an awesome sled and slide package where you can snowmobile for an hour and then tube for an hour – how fun is that?!  The tubes are all included of course, kids 3 and under are free and the cost is as low as $105 for a day you won’t soon forget!  Make your Reservations here.



Adventure Park @ Frisco

Located on the south side of Lake Dillon, the Frisco Adventure Park has a great tubing hill with 5 tracks.  You can create a “train” of tubes with family and friends, and be sure and ask the attendants for a “spin” for an extra thrill!  2015 rates are $25 per person for the first hour, and $10 each hour after that. Their day lodge is great for breaks with a nice fireplace to warm up your hands. Visit their website.


Tubing Hill @ Copper Mountain 

At the base of the “Super Bee” lift, this 4 track tubing park offers jumps and banked curves that are unique to Copper, as well as double tubes for you and a buddy. They also have a snow play area called “Critterland” for your little ones under 36” tall.  Rates are $26-$32 depending on the day, but you can get 20% off if you pre-purchase tickets online at least one day in advance online. JJ’s at the base area is great for a cup of cocoa or a beer and a snack after your tubing adventure, and frequently includes live apres' music. 

Adventure Point @ Keystone Resort

Located at the top of Dercum Mountain, and priced at $32 for one hour of snow tubing at Keystone gets you the additional ride up the gondola from River Run.  Getting even fancier, the Keystone surface conveyor lift glides through a see-through tube to help shield you from the wind, but can be a little claustrophobic. Visit their website for reservations. Here’s a short video showing the fun 


Self Directed Sledding and Tubing

Want something self-service that’s cheaper and more traditional?  Head to one of the many local retailers who sell saucers, tubes, and sleds both plastic and metal.  Sports Authority, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, many of the ski shops and even the grocery stores have loads of great choices.  Most gas stations have air pumps to fill your new tubes before you head to the hill.


Rainbow Park @ Silverthorne

Right next to the Silverthorne Recreation Center at 430 Rainbow Drive behind the outlets, there is a great ring of sledding hills the kids love!  Where the soccer field sits in the summer, start anywhere along the ledge and sled to the bottom for loads of giggles and laughs!  Some of the pitches are steeper than others so your little ones can get their courage up as they go for bigger and faster adventures on their own terms.  Our last storm brought a whole village of snowmen on the fields below – super cute!

Sledding Hill @ East Side of Lake Dillon

Past the town of Dillon heading toward Keystone, watch for the turn off on the right side of the highway.  There is plenty of parking at the trail head and the sledding hill is in an open area in the forest.  A little steeper than Rainbow Park’s hills, this will get you moving fast and the hike is a bit more rigorous for the older kids.  Just be sure to steer clear of the trees on the edges!

Carter Park @ Breckenridge

300 S High Street (East of town near the grade school), you’ll find Carter Park where the Town of Breckenridge has dedicated a nice, long hill exclusively to sledding.  Next to their great dog park, if you bring the family pup, they can play with their doggy friends while the kids go sledding – everyone will be tired and ready for a treat! 
Have other favorites or pictures you’d like to share?  Email us at or post your photo to win great prizes at for the Snow Globe Goodies Contest!
Helpful hints:  All commercial tubing hills require you to sign a liability waiver, provide safety guidance, and riders need to be over 36” tall (over 42” at Keystone).  Most offer night tubing under the lights in the evenings too.  For all sledding and tubing, be sure and dress warm including snow boots, snow pants and jacket, a hat, and gloves or mittens.  Goggles or sunglasses are helpful – and don’t forget your camera or go pro!


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